Welcome to the #whynotyears!

Episode 7

Some of you may know that I had a major life “redirect” about a year ago. You may be going through something like that today, too! If that's the case, this concept of the #whynotyears may be truly transformational. And this episode is for YOU, friend!

The context...

That major life "redirect" could be considered somewhat of a screeching career and lifestyle pivot. After more than 25 years of being a home educator, our youngest daughter graduated from "homeschool high," and that meant I had to find something else to do.

It was a spontaneous trip to visit a dear friend who I'd never met in real life, although I co-hosted a podcast with her for two years...that launched me into an attitude that has truly been life-changing.

Listen to how that started to play out...

welcome to the #whynotyears

What are the #whynotyears?

Thinking out of the box... Living out a dream... Trying something totally out of character... Being spontaneous... Listening to the encouragement of those around you to do something fun... Taking care of yourself and trying out a new attitude towards life: yours, and life in general...

The #whynotyears, in their most basic form, can happen at any time in your life. And frankly, friend, the sooner the better.

I have another podcasting friend, Teresa Wiedrck, a homeschool life coach, who speaks to homeschooling moms about the crucial aspect of self-care. Something that I mistakenly always felt was "a tad" selfish. Until I had nothing left in my pitcher to pour out to others...

So, while these #whynotyears are for everyone, I think of them especially as a gift to women mostly - and often moms - who are forever laying their own needs and wants aside, to their detriment.

Consider this somewhat of a call-to-arms as I happily invite you to join me there, no matter what your age or stage of life.

And if you're on Instagram, I'd love for you to take a photo of yourself enjoying a #whynotyears activity. Use the hashtag and tag me @patfenner. Let's join forces to help each other be ready for whatever changes life throws at us!      Will you join me?!

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