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The Strong Women Bright Future podcast is for women who need and want to be equipped and empowered to deal with the inevitable transitions in life, using them as positive opportunities and coming out stronger on the other side.

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Recent reviews...

The MOST Encouraging

Pat has such a sweet, sincere message - this podcast is easy to listen to and so encouraging. This podcast is great for all ages and seasons of life - so applicable. A great listen!

Alicia Byers

So excited to tune in!

So excited for Pat’s new podcast as I’m in the midst of so many transitions myself and look forward to her inspiring episodes. ❤️


A calming voice through life’s transitions

I loved listening to Pat Fenner’s wise words. Her delivery and her words are like a breath of fresh air with some concrete clarity mixed in!

EDP - The Mom Mentor

The sherpa on the trail...

...walking alongside us...she is the strong woman who knows about the transformation of ashes becoming a crown of beauty.

Teresa Wiedrick @homeschool_mama_self_care