What does a Podcast Manager DO?

If you haven't already downloaded "5 Ways to Promote Your Podcast and Grow Your Reach", please do that now! That's a thumbnail sketch of what can happen when you work with me. I currently have 3 packages available, and you'll get the descriptions of those as page 2 when you get my "5 Ways" freebie. Then go ahead and book a free exploratory call so we can talk about working together on your team to get your message out into the world!


Your Podcast Behind-the-Scenes

All the backend stuff podcasters need and don't want to mess with: from keyword research to basic editing to writing up show notes and social media posts

Writing and content management

From research to ghostwriting to scheduling your content... We can optimize what you have or create fresh content!

"Socials" set ups

Whether you want to tweak your current accounts or start fresh, we can help with a smart bio, set up your Linktree, and get you started with a content calendar

Start growing your email list today

Attract subscribers...build community

Start by offering value with a freebie, and continue to pour into your subscribers' lives. It's all about building relationships, and once you get started, you'll actually love growing your list! (Well, maybe not "love" it...but we'll get you off on the right foot!)

Grow your reach...and your biz

Your message may be on audio right now, but you can share it with a whole new audience by putting it out on video, too! Plus, we can create snippets that you can use on your social media posts. This is an exciting and growing approach to promotion!

put your podcast on video
what clients say

But don't take MY word for it!

I've got a growing list of happy clients - and you can read for yourself what they have to say!

When you're ready to talk...

Reach out on my contact page or schedule a free 20-minute call to explore working together. I can't wait to meet you!