“Reinventing yourself” to navigate transitions

Episode 13

Once upon a time, I had a friend named Maggie (not her real name). She was a homeschool mom just like me, with three kids who were quite a few years older than mine. She taught co-op classes, and Sunday school, hosted or chaperoned field trips, and was a terrific cook! Because her kids were older than mine, she wrapped up her homeschooling years while I was still in the midst of mine.

And so I got to watch her life in transition.

She spent a few years searching: taking the odd part-time job, helping her husband at his business, gardening, and being a caretaker for her elderly parents. But as time went on, she started to really take an interest in her own health, working at a gym and becoming involved in a popular healthy living program.

I watched in amazement as she became an active health coach. Her commitment to her new lifestyle, and helping others with theirs, resulted in a "side gig" that morphed into a business. Today she is happily setting an example for women of what a life of self-care and service looks like; filling your own pitcher first in order to fill others' up; living a lifestyle that is both enjoyable and healthy, allowing her to be around for years to come to enjoy her family.

But I know that that transition took time.

Let's face it: transitions can be tricky.

Having kids...kids leaving home...job loss or changing careers...selling a family home and moving far away...downsizing...caring for aging parents or siblings and then losing them...divorce...caring for a loved one with a chronic or acute illness...getting cancer or another life-threatening illness...there's a ton of 'em, aren't there?
In my initial download, "Times that Transform," I list 16 potential major life changes that women, or let's face it, we humans, can encounter over the course of our lives.

But sometimes when they happen, no matter how prepared we may feel to face them, we find that it's necessary to do some "personal work," as a life coach friend of mine likes to describe it, to get through them.

And sometimes this "personal work" may take the appearance of reinventing yourself.

Now, before I move on to dig into what reinventing yourself is (and isn't), I want to camp out a bit on the mindset or attitude that's crucial as you prepare to start this process.

It's work - but it's not.
It all depends on how you look at it! And how you look at it makes all the difference.

And even if you're not in this season right now, please grab my NEW free download "Creating a Life That Overcomes Transitions." It's both a checklist and an inspirational tool to help you start developing habits and mindsets that will allow you to be ready to pivot and overcome whatever life throws at you!

It doesn't give you the answers, but it enables you to find the ones that will work for YOU.

reinventing yourself to navigate change

What "reinventing yourself" isn't

- It's not being deceptive
- It's not expecting it to happen overnight
- It's not drudgery or drama

What "reinventing yourself" IS

- It's a process
- It's relishing discovery and learning about yourself as you go
- It's realizing that nothing you do has to be carved in stone, and pivoting is a skill
- It's understanding that God has given you gifts and talents to discover and explore and use to serve those around you - and you're never too old to discover those gifts!

So that's all I have for you today, my "strong woman" friend! Looking forward to seeing you next week, when I talk about how boundaries can actually help us navigate change. Who'dathunk that building a box (of sorts) would help you live OUT of the box?? Be well, and remember: I'm...

with you on the journey, friend!


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