What mindfulness is – and why you should know!

Episode 4


It’s a way to approach the process of handling transitions in our life; a way of getting out of the dark place that you may be in because the future is bleak or unclear.

Mindfulness is neither hokey nor “magic”, but it can help you in two ways.

1 - It keeps you from dwelling too far in the past, and

2 - keeps you from becoming anxious about the future.

In today’s episode, I talk about how practical mindfulness is, and why it should definitely be in your “transition toolkit.”  (Believe me, someday you’ll thank me for mentioning this!)

mindfulness can help you through transitions

A takeaway for you:

Each week I will share a tip, tool, or approach that can help you not only weather life transitions as they come your way but help you to be prepared to crush ‘em! So grab your journal and use these questions to get you started.

Questions to help you practice mindfulness

  • What is there to do today?
  • What do you have to be thankful for now?
  • What work do you have to do next?
  • Who is right here that I can serve and show love to?

Remember, friend, I'm still on a life journey full of changes and transitions right along with you!

So reach out via socials or my contact page if you have any questions or want to start a one-on-one conversation. (And if you follow the podcast and get your free download using the button below, you'll get to reach out via email!)

Until next time...

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