5 Steps to Have a Lovely Day – Part Two

Episode 6

This is another “blast from the past” concept, which I actually introduced last week. 

I'm back to wrap up my take on having a lovely day, taken from a snippet of the soundtrack of my life! If you’re just joining me for this episode, you might first want to listen to episode 5, where I give you the “backstory” on this concept. Even if you don’t, DO take a listen to Bill Wither’s song (link below)...and be ready to greet each day with a totally different “spin!”

have a lovely day part two

Foundational to this "lovely day" concept, it's important to realize that we have a lot more than we don’t have. 

And we’re a lot more capable, smart, blessed, (insert your inspiring adjective here)…than we think we are, too!

This is not to diminish what you’re going through, or whatever challenge or pain you're working through in your transition. But just the fact that you’re listening to this episode or reading these show notes means you have so much more than you don’t have.

Just to insert a heads up here: if you don’t have a journal, you will want to grab one as we get started! (I started a lovely collection of journals here for you to review, in case you’re in the market for one.)

Two more steps to take to have a lovely day - today and days to come!

Now, when you can find some "me time," go ahead and grab that journal, pour yourself a cuppa' and get comfy.  Today's prompts are gonna need a bit of thought...

1 - Answer for yourself: what am I grateful for?

Inside the episode, I talked about something I worked through a few years ago. Someone on Instagram challenged us to start each morning -  over the course of 30 days - writing down 3 things we were thankful for. The caveat was that they had to be three different things each day. Talk about a challenge! I discovered that our minds don't normally work on focusing on the positive - especially when we’re confused about something or in turmoil. Well, at least mine doesn't. It’s much easier to go down those dark places and seems to be our default operating system to focus on the junk.

But when you can get in the habit of truly focusing on the positive, this can be a game-changer!

2 - Do a limited "week (or day) in review"

This next step is a bit more involved but can prove to yield life-changing long-term results. Think about ONE - and the important thing is JUST one - interaction that you had during the past day (or week). Think about how you could have handled it better, or at least differently. Spend a little time on that one event and think about what you could learn from it. Journal about it, and then - lay it aside. Put it to bed. Leave it in the past. It’s over. Your takeaway should be the lesson…not the screw-up! You’re not denying it happened, you’re not giving away your ownership or responsibility. You ARE learning from it, growing, and moving forward. Period.

Well, that's about all I have for you. I hope this has given you a new tune to sing, in more ways than one, when you wake up and greet the day!

Yours on the journey...

And, if you have any thoughts or reactions to today's episode, I'd love for you to leave them in the comments! Your insights may be just what someone else needs to hear 🙂

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