5 Steps to Have a Lovely Day – Part One

Episode 5

This is another “blast from the past” concept that has helped me through changing times over the years. It stems from an activity I was introduced to during high school and I’m sure many of us have experienced those years as turbulent times!

Well, put on your dancing shoes for this episode, and be ready to greet - or REgreet - the day with a brand new approach!

how to have a lovely day - part one

The soundtrack of my life is 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music. Now, I know some of it isn’t great. And sometimes when I really listen to the lyrics of one of my favs, I shudder a little to think 1 - that my parents actually let me belt these songs out loud around the house, and 2 - that my kids have grown up with many of these songs, too

Well, please don’t judge - there’s almost nothing that fills my heart top-to-bottom than cooking in the kitchen with my kiddos or sitting around the house while singing “my tunes” together.

One of those songs is Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day.”

When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to attend a retreat that our school was participating in to help teens deepen their faith. Now, for many people, the teen years are filled with conflict as we try to figure out our place in the world and start learning how to “adult”. My teen years were no different. But this retreat proved to provide quite a few tools that would help me manage and navigate change and growth as I grew up.

During one of the sessions, the leader introduced us to a concept that may sound silly or strange at first glance. She had a handful of love songs, pretty benign ones at that, but we totally recognized them as such. And as she played them she asked us to imagine that we were singing to the Lord.

Now, before you spit out your coffee (and if you did already, I’m sorry!), rest assured that she wasn’t proposing anything weird or cult-y. It was a sincere suggestion that we could use these songs to deepen our relationship with the One Who prepares, empowers, and strengthens us to be victorious over anything and everything life could throw at us.

I mean, what teen wouldn’t need or want that, right?

But I digress…

Anyway, one of the songs from that time period that I applied that strategy to was “Lovely Day.”

And if I had a penny for all the mornings I've sung that in the shower over the years, I’d be a rich woman.

As I’ve grown up and learned more ways to deal with life, I’ve realized that there really IS a bit of wisdom tucked into this way-back tune…

To have a lovely day today…and tomorrow…and the next…start here:

1 - check your mindset  - it starts before your feet hit the floor and influences everything that happens that day from that time on!

2 - strengthen the “now” - mindfulness is so important! I talked about it in Episode 4 and will again from time to time

3 - prepare for the future - It’s important to mention here that it’s NOT with a feeling of ingratitude for the good stuff that you do have now, nor is it with a FOMO feeling or “shiny-object syndrome.” It’s with a positive plan to uncover and grow your strengths, interests, and skills so that you’ll be ready to use them as time goes on.

Your next step

Now grab your journal and spend some time using those bullet points above as prompts. Think about where you are now, what struggles you’re facing, and how you can apply one or all of these ideas to start gaining some traction.

If you’re not struggling with anything, what areas can you improve now to be ready when that time comes?

That’s quite a bit to get ya’ started! 

Now, I have two more ideas or steps for you to take…but I’m saving them for next week. So make sure you come back and take note!

Yours on the journey...

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