How boundaries can help us live outside of the box!

Episode 14

Typically, people think of boundaries as a way to enclose or limit our freedom...but healthy boundaries can actually help us navigate change as we explore new ways of engaging with the world.

Listen to my story of "the city fence" and "the country fence" as an amusing analogy of incorporating boundaries in your own life.

Why healthy boundaries are essential

They allow a safe space for us to build something new in our lives. For example, take a listen to last week's episode about the reinventing yourself strategy. Having healthy boundaries in place is almost a prerequisite for doing something like that.

They create a safe space for us to grow. Actually, knowing our limits - set by us and on our terms - allow us to say "Yes!" wholeheartedly, and "No" without guilt!

They keep out the interlopers. Toxic people, "takers," or people who expect too much of us really can leave their mark and take their toll on our lives.

Healthy boundaries allow us to say "Yes!" wholeheartedly, and "No" without guilt!

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live outside the box

4 areas to start boundary setting

If you're new to the concept of setting healthy personal boundaries, choose one of these four areas to get you started:

  1. Your time - Set limits as to when you are and are not available for others. Create time for personal development, growth, and thought.
  2. Your emotions - Take a page from my playbook and practice saying to yourself "This is not my rodeo!" You really don't have to get sucked into the drama of those around you!
  3. Your finances - This can be tough sometimes, because - generally speaking - finances can be an emotional topic for many. But don't get sucked into, for example, paying regular expenses for your adult kids who have jobs! (Just an example...)
  4. Your relationships - Filter out the toxic people in your life, or at the very least, don't allow yourself to be mistreated by them! Say something like "When you treat me _____ (such-and-such), I will _____ (end our conversation, walk away, ignore you, change the subject...)"

Helpful resources from this episode

Hope that helped! Setting healthy boundaries has been a way-overdue process in my life, and,'s still a process (meaning, I'm working on it right there with ya!).

Looking forward to sharing with you next week. I'll be talking about "shrimp tails" - and no, not the food, even though shrimp is one of my favs!

In the meantime, remember: I'm...with you on the journey, friend!


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