Books to support your role as a Christian parent and homeschool mom. I enjoy inspiring you by sharing interesting and useful tools to "up" your parent and homeschooling game!


Homeschooling has been both my passion and career for over 20 years. I continue to encourage and empower homeschooling moms as they homeschool through high school on my blog, Breakthrough Homeschooling.

Life after homeschooling...

The years spent homeschooling are fulfilling, exciting, missional...and are gone before you know it!  While pouring our all into our kids' lives, sometimes we're left unprepared when it's time for them to leave. Design your own next steps using this totally customizable framework.

What's your story?

Sooo...ya know how when you first meet someone and you sit and start some small talk you think "I just KNOW they have a great story inside?"

At least that's what I often think when I meet someone - and they usually have more than one.

I know it often takes time to discover them...

It's taken a while for me to discover my own stories, too.

But now that I've started,  I don't want to stop.

Other stuff about me:

  • I love coffee...but not coffee-flavored things;
  • Sometimes I talk too much and too fast - I have a hard time bridling my enthusiasm;
  • I'm a firm believer in practicing gratitude, reading the print version of a book whenever possible, and the Oxford comma.
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Where to next?

My books center around Christian parenting and homeschooling.

It's my mission and passion to encourage and inspire you by sharing my successes -
as well as things we could have done better ;-)...

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