I'm so glad you're here!

As a self-published author and podcaster, I've met some wonderfully creative people over the years - and now I serve many of them as a Podcast Manager.

So let me ask you:

  • Are you challenged by the tech and "back end" tasks of promoting your work?
  • Do "SEO" and "CTR" sound like secret agent codes?
  • Does the thought of "starting a list" and putting together a lead magnet make your head swim? Or put a knot in your stomach?

If so, I got your back!

Take a look at the services I offer, then schedule a free exploratory call. No charge and no commitment involved. I'd love to meet you and see if we can work together.

Podcast Management

Small business owners have enough on their plates! I can handle the logistics of getting your podcast ready and promoting it on social so you can do what you do best. Grab a copy of my services sheet and let's talk.

The Podcast

The Strong Women Bright Future podcast is for women who need and want to be equipped and empowered to deal with the inevitable transitions in life, using them as positive opportunities and coming out stronger on the other side.

What's your story?

Sooo...ya know how when you first meet someone and you sit and start some small talk you think "I just KNOW they have a great story inside?"

At least that's what I often think when I meet someone. (And they usually have more than one.)

I know it often takes time to discover them...

It's taken a while for me to discover my own stories, too.

But now that I've started,  I don't want to stop.

Other stuff about me:

  • I love coffee...but not coffee-flavored things;
  • Sometimes I talk too much and too fast - I have a hard time bridling my enthusiasm;
  • I'm a firm believer in practicing gratitude, reading the print version of a book whenever possible, and the Oxford comma.

Where to next?

Well, if you've gotten this far, don't hit the hills now!

  • If you're a creative and need tech help - don't forget to schedule a free call with me!
  • And if you want updates on the upcoming "Strong Woman Bright Future" podcast, sign up here and receive my "Life Transitions Checklist," be aware of what's changing in your life so that you can face it head-on - like the strong woman that you are!